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losume’s mission is to empower consumers who prefer support local businesses. The platform (app) is designed to easily make requests and replies. Facilitating anonymous local shopping, and contributing to ones community’s local economy.

80% of consumers prefer to buy local rather online (LEO / Amarach) We welcome reduced imports and sustainability. Our goal is to enable more of these people save time and money with a lo-tech, lo-effort app.

losume not only connects consumers with local brick-and-mortar sellers but also provide business owners with more confidence to reinvest in their future, as in demonstrating an alternative channel to the currently monopolised internet.

Many are now led to believe our future towns and villages are ‘F & B’ + ‘Vanity’ (food beverage & personal services) and everything else will be delivered direct. Like the fossil-fuelled scientists, a little vested interest 🐂💩ology, neither practical or sustainable.

Founder Ronan believes we cannot take for granted the importance of indigenous retailers and the vitality within our streets. “Not only do I care about what we’re leaving to the following generation, but there’s also an Irish model at stake; If retail continues on its current trajectory, our tourists may not receive value from this chain-store, high-street copy-paste model, or experience less of the unique character most our towns still have to offer.

Local & indigenous retailers help keep warmth in our heritage buildings, lights on our streets, contributing to the vibrancy of local communities.

Know someone who wants a challenge? -say hello, send feedback, send euros! or volunteer?

Jo James Mark & Ro