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Dear local business,

When a buyers request (image of item) relates to your shop type, you’ll see it in your list. Tap to chat or swipe for more. Want a demo?, say via the contact link above..  So far everybody is delighted! feedback is great, we’re listening and polishing as we go, all helping toward the platform.

  • Trends: see what todays local shopper want.
  • Increase exposure: regardless of the sale leads, your name, address, logo is seen
  • Consumer mind to your product knowledge: their visual enables you & respond quick.

A light and private App design as:

  • Lo tech: Anyone can use. simple direct messaging with ‘quick texts’.
  • No pressure: just browse their requests, then engage the customer requests that best fit your sales.
  • Anonymous: for both buyer and seller.
  • One swipe reply: an automated message is sent; i.e. ‘Yes we sell this & your business contact detail.
  • Sustainable: they save journeys, less direct imports. #SDGs
  • Lo setup: no inventory or product management, just reply.

See the launch page for more.

Website Vs Human knowledge;

Bricks & mortar retail is hard enough, most SME’s haven’t the resources to keep websites up-to-date, or remain on top of search engine results every week.

The human mind is the most updated resource every indigenous business has; be it suppliers inventory, catalogues, producers. product in showroom, in warehouse.

Even the best of indigenous websites will not beat local staff’s knowledge of product availability or suitability.

Use losume as that quick human & real-time interface.

‘Generation screen’

  • too busy, less time.
  • less local knowledge (new to area).
  • mobile first (be visible to younger consumers).
  • mobility – cost, time, ability to travel and visit stores.
  • mobile-first! a generational shift.

Meet your customer in a way big-ecommerce cannot.

Local Business Pilot


Per Month
  • Unlimited requests
  • Pilot Business


Local Business S2Most Popular


Per Month
  • Unlimited requests
  • Silver Supporter (Badge)


Local Business S7Get more notice


Per Month
  • Unlimited requests
  • Gold Supporter Badge
  • Can place Ad

How much time will this cost me? - really

10 Minutes. Sub-categories like associated accessories are guessed meaning you only need to say a few main products or services. To answer an enquiry just text, or use the quick-reply tool; from 1-swipe automated response, to extended 1-touch rapid-replies. Like common responses or including a link to a clearance list / pdf.

Can another sales person ...

Yes the login can be used by other staff, but one at any given time, per business.

Can we add brand names, other items?

Add brands & other items to your ‘whitelist’ or find tune you ‘categories’ at anytime.

What's the Catch?

No catch, by answering relevant sales enquiries, your supporting the mission. A little patience is appreciate as users build up. Participation costs nothing, consider yourself as a passenger offering a push-start.

Must we reply after business hours?

No. But If you choose to, losume is designed to make this a breeze. App notifications are scheduled to respect most staff users as default.

How do 'ads' work?

‘Billboards’ can be created for relevant buyers who’s requested similar product categories. Setting relevant and smart keyword helps. your content also displays randomly to all potential buyers in your geographical area.

How does losume make money?

Businesses contribute in exchange for (1) Sales leads, (2) Industry related trends and (3) Brand exposure. losume facilitates the ‘searching for’ saving time for both buyer and seller, saving either local journey’s or imports and courier journeys.


Some people are unable to travel, some don’t know their local options, others don’t yet see the value of supporting their local economy and just want convenience. losume can lower journey’s and direct imports. Empowering the community shopper to more easily ‘choose’ their preferred local supplier.  Consumers who want to look for local still need to travel as the resource-strapped retailer’s website is perpetually challenged by big-online.

We especially wish to thank those who have joined under the paid tiers, even before the service began! This is hearting and vindicates the service / mission.

Those unsure, to know more email jo As a small team with overheads servers and licence costs, volunteers are vital. likewise are contributions: IE04BOFI90544072671313 Bank of Ireland Stephen St Sligo.

Losume Company Limited by Guarantee, The Building Block Bridge St. Sligo F91XY2N Ireland.  Registered non-profit 732989