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Dear local business,

The reactions and feedback is great! all comments help toward the usability of losume. We’re continuing store visits for the County Sligo pilot, If we didn’t get to your store yet, say hello below..


  • no pressure: browse ‘wants’ , engage the customer requests that best fit your sales.
  • anonymous local shopping: for both buyer and seller.
  • one swipe reply: automated message sent, with your business contact detail.
  • lo tech: simple direct messaging with ‘quick texts’.
  • zero setup: no inventory, product management, just reply.
  • trends: see what todays shoppers want in your area.
  • knowledge: consumer mind to retailer’s memory, losume enables us to link up directly & respond quick.
  • sustainable: knowing who’s got what, where, reduces local journeys & direct imports #SDGs

See the launch page for more benefits & why

Android: quote your playstore email for early access to losume App (top-right profile icon)

Website Vs Human knowledge;

Bricks & mortar retail is hard enough, not every SME can keep a website up-to-date, never mind on top of search engine results every week.

The human mind is the most updated resource every indigenous business has; product in showroom, in warehouse, suppliers inventory, catalogues, producers.

Even the best of indigenous websites will not beat local staff’s knowledge of product availability, suitability.

losume is that quick human & real-time interface.

‘Generation screen’

  • too busy, no time
  • local knowledge (new to area)
  • local knowledge (gen z)
  • mobility – age
  • mobility – cost, time, to travel and visit stores
  • mobile-first! a generational shift.

losume enables you meet the evolving consumer in a way big-ecommerce cannot.