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Places remain in the Sligo beta group.  see below to join!

losume is now a working concept. It enables consumers grant local shops the right of first refusal for products and services they desire via a simple ‘request’

Benefits? See the launch page for more.


We’ve listened to sellers feedback. The app is now a 5 min setup, designed for minimal interaction & ‘busy’ people.

Android users, for early access use your playstore email (avatar in top-right)

Local website Vs staff knowledge;

Running a local bricks & mortar business is challenging, most of us know Indigenous retail websites are typically limited in product display despite human up-to-date knowledge and access to wider inventory and suppliers.

Even the best of indigenous websites will not beat local staff’s knowledge of product availability, suitability.

losume is that quick but human & real-time interface.

‘Generation screen’

  • less time, busy
  • less local knowledge (new to area)
  • less local knowledge (gen z)
  • no transport
  • less ability to travel and visit your store.
  • many don’t even think to search around local businesses anymore.

losume enables you meet the evolving consumer in a way big-ecommerce cannot.