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Wow, this is novel! I can select customers that suit our products. It saves time wasting for me (and them). It's took less than 10min to setup, though I had to hire someone for manage this. last night I got a client worth €2400 by just swiping my thumb!

Sarah FeenyFounder Lure Lights

Inspirational, I see what people are finding online, like omg people really do over-pay for some stuff, losume is conecting me with clients that never knew I existed in their own area. It's a simple concept I love it!

Laura McDaidRetailer & Product Designer

losume has renewed our confidence to reinvest in the shop! loyal shoppers are more plentiful than you know 'next day'. Love the quick-blacklist feature; request match well now. Even my daughter realises how much can be sourced locally.

Ciara O'ConnorProprietor CairnCraft

We’re a small team currently, for whatever reason, please call us on 087 445 3626 or email jo